Field Trip: MCASD Family LAB


In my quest for wanting to involve my family in more creative activities I have found myself jumping at opportunities and saying “yes!” to things that the Universe sends my way. Last week instagram led me to a Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego post highlighting their Family LAB afternoon and I said, “Yep, it gets us out of the house (and to San Diego!), in front of artwork, with other kids and parents, and we get to make things!”

So yesterday, we loaded everyone in the car for a day trip to San Diego to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego to learn about a few art pieces in their current exhibition and to create something inspired by those pieces!


First, the kids examined three different artworks, Demons, Xochipilli 'The Flower Prince,' p91 from Indigenous Woman, by Martine Gutierrez; Untitled by Cindy Sherman; and Mr. White Bear by Marnie Weber. They discussed details in the works, observations about color, what the subjects were wearing, the importance of costume and what it all might mean. Together they invented a story about each piece.

For the second portion of the afternoon, the kids spent time inventing stories and designing their own costumes and headdresses. They first thought of their stories and sketched out a plan thinking about details that would reflect their stories. Andy designed a rock and roll bass player, Otto designed rock and roll. With a T-shirt and buffet of fun materials, they got to work constructing their costumes.

At the end of the session each child presented their design and story. I was so pleased how hard my kids (mostly Andy) worked, how much thought and care they put into their designs, and the questions they asked at the end.

I loved seeing how super focused Andy was in the art and activities the whole time. Otto was probably a little too young. He did his best listening, and participated in creating his costume and sharing his story, but he was also really interested in eating snacks and watching the trolly.