This is OK

OK is a marketplace and creative studio that invents playful, bright and artful objects, lessons and stories that send waves of optimism and confidence into everyday life.

I believe that designed surfaces tell stories, that colors have the capability to influence our moods and marks can shape behavior and how we interact with our environment.

I hope that the work of OK brews positivity by serving as a reminder to be present and for us to move through our day and trials with a playful mindset. I hope it reminds us to be thoughtful and bright about the marks that we make and to know that we are powerful, dynamic and unique, instilling in us the confidence to make everyday OK. 


(photo by Lily Glass for Oh Joy)

(photo by Lily Glass for Oh Joy)

I'm Angie

I'm a So-Cal designer, artist, and teacher with a quiet confidence and a go with the flow ATTITUDE.

I aim to live a playful life led by curiosity and experimentation.

I'm also a wife to an enthusiastic and talented musician and elementary music specialist (note: Mark is also OK's shipping manager). I'm a mom to three beautiful, fun, inspiring and spirited little boys. A daughter to a thoughtful Architect (Dan) and strong and skillful "maker of everything" momma (Barbara). A sister to two talented and creative sisters (Steph and Jillie) and one inventive brother (Ben). And the mom to two older-ish rescue pups (that are occasional turds, trash eaters and squirrel chasers). I love them all.  

(photo by Chelsie Starley Photography)

(photo by Chelsie Starley Photography)

Swimming in circles is my sport, cycling is how I get to work, munching on good food is my hobby, toasting with good drinks is always a bonus, and am a huge fan of enjoying the small things.



I have 6 years of experience as lead visual and product designer at  Oh Joy! where I work with an awesome team and design and develop whimsical prints, patterns, products.

While at Oh Joy! I have designed and developed products with brands like: Target, Band-Aid, Johnson&Johnson, Chatbooks,  Clé Tile, Cloth & Co, Harper Collins, Solly Baby, Freshly Picked, and Feed.


MFA Design
California College of the Arts
San Francisco, CA

BFA Painting
University of South Dakota
Vermillion, SD

Other Facts:

  • I live in a house full of boys but work with all girls.

  • I often pair sneakers with dresses.

  • I was born in Colorado and raised in Wyoming

  • I swam competitively in college